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Geo-Targeting / Geo-​Conquesting
The Southwestern Microsystems Media team are​ masters in Geo-Targeting advertising by which a business can literally put their message directly in front of  potential customer, via their smartphone, while they are in your competitor's business.   It is like having your own drone advertising for you at the competitor!  Furthermore, our tech can follow the "smartphone" for ongoing advertising opportunities outside of the original target area.  Let the SWMicrosystems Media team deliver results by generating more targeted leads today!
Facebook Messenger ChatBot​s
The SWMicrosystems Media team is fanatical about delivering the highest quality customer interaction tools available.  Chat bots  or just BOTS are the newest revolution for instant customer interaction and communication.  The Facebook Messenger platform is the gold standard for this technology.   The Chat Bots that SWMicrosystems Media offers are complete, ready to implement, on your business Facebook page!   We do some minor visual customization's to the Bot as to personalize it to your business.  Bots are a great way to interact with new customers and re-establish connections with your existing customer base.  Best of all they are online 24/7 - so no more missed opportunities or forgotten call-backs.   Let the SWMicrosystems Media team automate your lead generation and customer follow-up today!
​Ring-less Voice Mail
​This is a great solution to both re-engage with past clients or develop new ​​ones.  ​95% of ​Americans have a call phone based on a study done in Feb. 2018 and nearly all of those cell phones have a voicemail account.  Our team at SWMicrosystems Media utilizes this fact to craft and deliver professional messages for business owners who ​want lead generation.  ​​Many businesses have a list of current & past ​customers and ​lose sight how valuable that information is without the proper system to monetize that data.  ​Additionally the conversion rates (call backs) are higher for voicemail than ​email with the same message.  Want to lean more & discover how the SWMicrosystems Media team can help your business grow today - please contact us.
Mobile Marketing Experts
Mobile marketing should be a critical component of your businesses' marketing strategy. Whether you want to increase your brand awareness or enhance the profitability of a specific location, SWMicrosystems Media can help! The SWMicrosystems Media mobile team are accomplished at implementing real world mobile strategies that tie together Voice Drop technology, Mobile Websites, Smartphone Apps, or QR Codes to help you generate more revenues.  Discover how SWMicrosystems Media can help your business grow today.
SEO & Website Experts
The SWMicrosystems Media ​has partnered with I​fultech, ​who are experts in search engine optimization (or SEO) and website development.  There are special local search strategies specifically designed to address the local challenges that small businesses face when attempting to become visible in their markets.  Discover how the SWMicrosystems Media team can help your business today.

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