Our Digital Marketing Service Tools Explained:


What are Chatbots?  ​A chatbot or bot is a computer program or an artificial intelligence which conducts a conversation via auditory or textual methods. Such programs are often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner.” As defined by Wikipedia.

​Basically, a bot is a software program that has a user interface that is governed by a set of rules or “workflows.”   This combination of tech interacts with a person via a smartphone app, website interface, etc. to provide a structured one-to-one c​communication.  ​ A real life example is available right on this web site by clicking on the blue bubble in the lower right corner.  This is our actual chatbot that we customized for our needs.  ​Bots can be a simple or complicated as needed.  

To interact with the Facebook Messenger Bot, you will need to setup an account.  This is very simple and if you don't have an account, simply click on the Messenger icon and look for the text "Getting Started" at the bottom of the Chat Window.  Interact with the text and your account will be setup.

Below is a example taken from an actual workflow.​

One final thought - For the first time ever, people are using messenger apps more than they are using social networks.​  Which means that people prefer to have more of a 1 on 1 conversation, like you would with a friend, than sending a message out to the world​​​​​​.  Facebook foresaw this trend and launched Facebook Messenger in 2016.  Furthermore the popular cross platform smartphone app - Whats App was purchased by Facebook in 2014.

How do​ Chatbots work?  As stated previously, a chatbot has a workflow or flowchart ​defining what messages / user selected responses are available at each step of bot interaction with a person.  These workflows are fully customizable to a businesses' needs.  We currently have 32 pre-built bots for contractors (plumbers, HVAC, roofing), ​medical (doctors, dentists, chiropractors, weight loss), gyms, insurance(medical, property & casualty), real estate (residential & commercial), etc.  These are all ready to be installed on a Facebook ​Business ​Page and linked to a website for lead generation.

Ringless Voice Mail (Voice Drops):

What are Voice Drops?  ​Voice drops or ringless voice mail is a marketing service by with a voice mail message is left at a phone number and the phone itself never rings.  This technology is a server to server communication and the resulting delivered message costs the phone owner nothing. Because the costs of delivering the message are paid by the advertiser, this marketing method is 100% legal according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) who oversees all wireless systems.

​Ringless voice mail is an ideal way to re-establish communications with past clients or patients in the case of medical practices.  Most service businesses have a database of current & past clients/patients, but most businesses either don't know how or the time to figure out how to connect with these people.  Cold calling is an extremely poor use of time for an assistant.

This is where this tech comes into play.  ​The server can send out hundreds of voice mail messages in ​very little time.  All messages are professionally created  & recorded from a script (approved by the client) to deliver a great message to your clientele.  With call tracking and reporting, you can monitor the cost effectiveness of this marketing.  

Our initial response rates indicate, people tend to respond to voice mail messages with a higher frequency than the same message delivered via email.  ​

We have a couple of case studies showing how this technology was implemented and the results of the campaign.  We invite you to check out that information on the Case Study Page.

Geo-Conquesting / Geo-Targeting:

What is ​Geo-​Conquesting / Geo-​Targeting?  Simply put ​this is a technology that allows for marketing messages (ads) to be displayed on a​ device (i.e. smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.) when that device entered a physically defined area or zone. ​ An explanation on how this tech works is in a few paragraphs.  ​The concept for geo-conquesting / Geo-targeting has been around for a few years but the past technologies, like Beacons, had some very limiting factors that the new technology that we represent has eliminated.  

In the past this technology was limited to the physical  location or zone and when the device left that location it became a ghost, no further messages could be displayed.  However, the new technology that we have licensed has solved this major issue by incorporating both satellite and cellular technologies.  Now a device can be "followed" from an advertising point​ for the displaying of marketing ads ONLY.

​TO BE VERY CLEAR, THE DEVICE CAN NOT BE PHYSICALLY TRACKED!!  The ad material is sent to marketing partners who distribute the ads out to websites, apps, etc.  When a person goes online to check say weather an ad is displayed.  

The MAJOR advantage of this technology is a business can physically target a competitor's location and literally display an ad on the smartphones of the competitor's customers even while the customer is still in the competitor's location.  With this tech you can "Acquire your competitor's customers!"  Think about it this way, how much money has the competitor spent to get that person in the door with traditional advertising?  If you can give that customer a compelling reason to check your business out​; just look how much money you saved ​verses trying to get a cold lead to come in the door!

How this works?  All smartphones (Apple & Android) have an alpha​-numeric code called an Advertising Id.  The code is unique to every phone, its the phone's fingerprint.  This code is what is ​captured when a device enters a Geo-Conquested location​ and how the advertisers know what ads to display on the device.  The ads are registered to campaigns and these campaigns are managed by the company who provides the licenses to promote on th​is network.  Actually thinking about how all that data is tracked & delivered actually is overwhelming.  

The great thing is that we take care of all the details in getting your ads in front of your competitor's customers.  Don't have any ads, no problem as part of our service package we create the ads for you with some of your help to understand who you ​want to target.  Additionally, ​ there is a case stud​y of a dealership showing how this technology was implemented and the results of the campaign.  We invite you to check out that information on the Case Study Page.